• Understanding Covenant

Understanding Covenant is a revelation book that unveils the true meaning of a Covenant. The essence of Covenants, who originated Covennats and the many types of Covenants in existence. You will fully understand the blessing of God embedded in Covenants and you will also see how the enemy uses demonic covenants to entrap the souls of men.

The book will stir the reader to seek deliverance from any demonic covenants in their lives and freedom will emerge in the name of Jesus. Satanic Covenants affect people's lives knowingly and unknowingly. These can cause frustrations, lack of success, barrenness, fruitlessness, sickness etc. you will through this book find the way out of theese problems if you suffer from these problems. The root and foundation of many problems experienced physically can be traced to these spiritual demonic Covenants that are not of God. Get the book and receive the freedom provided in Christ Jesus.

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Understanding Covenant

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